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This group is for EVERYBODY who is 4/20 Friendly and everybody who wants to see Marijuana totally de-criminalized. All SMOKER MUSIC, All Genres!

About the group's founder, Totty Patron ( About the group's founder, Totty Patron ( Many artists in hip-hop today speak of smoking marijuana. There is only ONE who speaks of the true beauty and essence of marijuana.... There is only ONE who embraces marijuana use not only as a lifestyle, but as a God-given right... There is only ONE who can command her craft and rally people for THE cause... That artist is...Totty Patron A Chicago native who is involved with numerous platforms supporting marijuana legalization across the U.S., Totty displayed her abilities and love for hip-hop at a young age, but only began to take her music career seriously in her 20's. She explains, "I reached a point in my life where I KNEW a career in music was my destiny. Music is the best way for me to express my passion for something that I advocate but many people view as evil: Marijuana. I was ready to shelve my doubts and move on to the next level." Totty immediately began to plan for her debut, "Highway 4/20" with the aide of her husband, Ambush Vin. Already securing the talents of the Get it Crackin Ent family, Ambush Records, Finger Roll, and the No Coastal Ent family, the project is sure to be a phenomenal debut. "Music is the perfect outlet to educate and rally people for THE cause. Join with me and support legislation around the U.S. to LEGALIZE IT!" - Totty Patron More ยป Group rules
Smoker Music Group Rules

The ONLY rule I have is respect & listen to everyone's music!