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In 2012, new styles and developments of electronic music which incorporated... In 2012, new styles and developments of electronic music which incorporated elements of trap music, such as "acid trap," "trap-ah-ton," and "trapstep" began gaining popularity.[10] Most of these sub-genres combined trap-style drum patterns with EDM synths,[3] creating "dirty, aggressive beats [and] dark melodies."[10] Electronic producers, such as Diplo, TNGHT, Baauer, Flosstradamus, RL Grime, and Yellow Claw expanded the popularity of these developments of trap music, gaining the attention of electronic music fans.[11] The new wave of the genre has been labeled as EDM Trap[11][10][12] and compared to dubstep because of its sudden rise in popularity.[4] The evolving EDM Trap has seen incorporations and stylistic influences from other genres such as Dubstep with Rebecca Haithcoat of LA Weekly stating "You could basically call it the next phase of dubstep. It plays at a club-ready 140 bpm while retaining dubstep's craze-inducing drops" and it is continuing to grow in popularity[8] . In the latter half of 2012, new offshoots of trap developed gaining viral popularity and making noticeable impact on electronic dance music.[11] The music was initially dubbed simply as "trap" by producers and fans, which led to the term "trap" being used to address the music of both rappers and electronic producers, to much confusion among followers of both. Instead of referring to a single genre, the term "trap" is used to describe two separate genres of rap and dance music.[5] In 2013, a fan-made video of electronic trap producer Baauer's track "Harlem Shake" became an internet meme, propelling the track to become the first trap song to hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100.[13] Five popular EDM trap producers performed at the 2013 Ultra Music Festival in the United States - Carnage, ƱZ, DJ Craze, Baauer and Flosstradamus.[10] The 2013 Tomorrowland festival featured a "Trap Stage". More »

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