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Keizy - Emotion(prod. by Sergio)(
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  • Sergio_Inc 6 years ago
    Sergio_Inc Ghana
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    commented: Emotions (produced by Sergio) [{nl}]Performed by Keizy [{nl}] [{nl}]Intro: [{nl}]For I have soo many beautiful trees [{nl}]With their leaves [{nl}]Holding on tight to their roots [{nl}]Others becomes weak, and decides to fall down [{nl}]What will you do [{nl}]When your leaf becomes weak [{nl}]And decides to fall down [{nl}] [{nl}]1st Verse [{nl}]I don’t know exactly what to do, [{nl}] And I don’t know exactly what to say, [{nl}]Babe there is a place in my heart, [{nl}] Love in my eyes, [{nl}]Can’t live without u. [{nl}]All I can say is love me back and [{nl}] All I can do is love u bad, [{nl}]Let’s take chances and [{nl}] We never gonna fall part in our ways. [{nl}]Oh 10x yeah yeah [{nl}] [{nl}]Chorus [{nl}]I love you soo; you should love me back [{nl}]Baby love me; cos you lack the trust [{nl}]My heart is yours; Boy you still care less [{nl}]Why do you why do you you; Wonna break it all [{nl}] [{nl}]2nd Verse [{nl}] [{nl}]Greater love happens so fast, [{nl}]Let’s begin to understand [{nl}] I
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