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  • 4 years ago
    DJ John-X
    DJ John-X United Kingdom
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    commented: 25. Red Café- Fly Together {Remix} Feat. Trey Songz, J. Cole x Wale 26. Snoop x Wiz- Young, Wild & Free Feat. Bruno Mars 27. 50 Cent- I Just Wanna Feat. Tony Yayo 28. Young Jeezy- F.A.M.E. Feat. T.I. 29. Snoop x Wiz- That Good 30. Nicki Minaj- Roman In Moscow 31. French Montana- Shot Caller {Bad Boy Remix} Feat. Diddy x Rick Ross 32. Tyrese- Stay {Remix} Feat. Faith Evans x Rick Ross 33. Rihanna- Do Ya Thang 34. Rihanna- Roc Me Out 35. Willow Smith- Fireball Feat. Nicki Minaj 36. Rihanna- Talk That Talk Feat. Jay-Z 37. Rihanna- Watch ‘n Learn 38. Snoop x Wiz- Let’s Go Study
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