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Toronto MC FenaxiZ returns from a 6-year hiatus with the "Vintage" album, a 15-track collection of original cuts, including "Golden Age," "Empty Bottle," "Go For Broke (feat. Alex Dimez & Wylie)," "Queen (feat. August R
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  • fenaxiz 12 years ago
    FenaxiZ Canada
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    commented: 01. Vintage (produced by Incise) 02. Status Update feat. royceBIRTH (produced by royceBIRTH) 03. The Real Toronto (produced by AmiR) 04. Golden Age (produced by Incise) 05. The Way (produced by The Quarter Inch Kings) 06. Can't Stop Me (produced by Anonymous Twist) 07. Queen feat. August Rigo (produced by AmiR) 08. Full Circle (produced by Incise) 09. Go For Broke feat. Alex Dimez & Wylie (produced by royceBIRTH) 10. White Man's Burden feat. JLatte (produced by The Quarter Inch Kings) 11. Goodbye To The Game (produced by The Quarter Inch Kings) 12. Empty Bottle (produced by Incise) 13. Dear Life (produced by royceBIRTH) bonus tracks: 14. The Launch Promo (Poor Georgie freestyle) 15. Power feat. Dagamuffin, Kris Blade, Kim Possible (produced by Jobe Wan Kenobi)
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