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Jadakiss (feat. French Montana, Wale, Meek Mill, Big Sean & Styles P.) - Paper Tags Burn (Massive Trip RMX-BLND)
Massive Trip
Massive Trip United States
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uploaded 6 years ago
192 kbps 4889 1 0 1185 (Search Massive Trip)

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  • cwill172 6 years ago
    cwill172 United States
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    commented: I rarely see people commentin on hulkshare but this is fire as always - I been listenin to your tapes for a few years now. I am a hip hop head and as long as there isn't to many edited verses and the mix is good I am big on blends. Get this - you and Southern Style DJs now that I think about it, are what got me interested in the style and its grown into a life changing event. I started making blends to avoid diluting my mixtapes with repeat verses for the purpose of a new artist's remix to be included. I actually made this same mix a month or so ago and heres a link. --- Please dont get it twisted, as I am not asking for anything. I just wanted to let you know your work inspired me and keep up the craft.
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